CF&S Estonia is planning to develop its transport network


Despite the situation due to the spread of the COVID-19, and the circumstances caused by the widespread introduction of restrictions that affected most of the industries, in 2020 CF&S Estonia was still able to ensure shipments smooth movement and to provide a comprehensive road transport service. In total, we organized the transportation of 170 000 tons of cargo and handled 20 000 shipments, for which we express our gratitude to our customers.

This year, through the most harmonious and mutually beneficial cooperation with the colleagues from CF&S Poland and CF&S Netherlands, as well as our European partners, we are planning to further expand the existing transport network. We focus on the groupage cargo sector, i.e., shipments with an estimated weight of up to 2500 kg. In order to ensure that groupage cargo moves from door-to-door according to declared delivery schedules, CF&S Estonia develops regular inter-terminal services, as well as pick-up and distribution services based on local terminals.


In addition to our most valuable European areas including the Baltics, Italy, United Kingdom and Switzerland, we cover Benelux and Germany directions in cooperation with our Dutch colleagues.